Web Design 

Our Web Design Department has a strong background in Website building, Blog pages, Social Media, SEO (Search engine optimization) and e-commerce Design.  Out ranking your competition in the search engines has become one of the most valuable advertising strategies available.  We pride ourselves on your growth and success. 

We pride ourselves on your growth and success.” 

Giving Small Business a big impression 

Modern Website Design combines elements of Web Building, Social Media, Blogging and SEO (Search engine optimization). Benchmark has experience in multiple variations of online advertising and promotion making it possible to custom fit a program into whatever budget our clients make available. Customized Web Design packages along with precisely targeted SEO offers our clients the ability to not only stand out from the competition but expand their potential customer range. Blogging and Social Media when done properly are extremely effective and affordable. If you are the hands on DIY type Benchmark can even arrange training sessions allowing clients more control over their business and branding. Bottom line whether you need Web Design, Blog pages, SEO or a Social Media boost, Benchmark has the ability to create the Website you desire. 

Website Design 

Benchmark handles everything from Domain names, Hosting, Design, Launch, promotion and support of your business website. With an emphasis on functionality, our websites are both user and owner friendly. 

The Benchmark Philosophy   

The perfect Online campaign includes a combination of all the above services. But don’t be mistaken each of these services are very powerful by themselves too. If you either want to start small or reach for the stars, Benchmark will custom fit a Website Design, Blog Page or Social Media to match your needs. 


Blog pages have become an incredible asset to small business owners and freelancers. Whether your promoting your business, sharing your knowledge or just plain have something to say a Blog page is very powerful. There are not many better ways to find a large targeted audience than with blogging. Benchmark builds Blog pages and trains business owners on how to effectively put them to use. 

Social Media- 

Social Media is no longer just a way to stay in contact with old friends. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are just a few services that every business must take advantage of. Remember your business is a brand and more exposure translates to more sales. Benchmark will give your current social media sites a professional makeover and make sure that you have all the angles covered. 


Search Engine Optimization is the fuel that brings your online campaign to life. Just having an online presence wont do if customers can’t find your material. The web traffic and potential customers are out there. Let our SEO specialists target them and convert them into profit for you.