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“At Benchmark  your image is our passion”

About Benchmark



Benchmark Screen Printing & Design is a local small business that packs a big punch.  Experienced in Screen Printing, Graphic Design, Web Design and Logo Design Benchmark has the tools necessary to bring your business or project to the next level.  The primary goal of Benchmark is to help level the playing field for Small Businesses that have been left out of the advertising game due to budget constraints.


Screen Printing

Screen Printing  is arguably the most versatile of all printing processes. This method is used to print on a variety of substrates, including paper, plastics, glass, metals, fabrics, and many other materials.  Some common products from the screen printing industry include garments, posters, labels, decals, signage, and all types of textiles.

The advantage of Screen Printing over other print processes is the use of Plastisol and water based inks.  These inks offer superior opacity and an amazingly soft feel that will outlast any other printing process.    

Graphic Design

Image is everything!  Creating brand recognition gives you a head start when a potential customer begins their search for services

Website Design

Modern Website Design combines elements of Web Building, Social Media, Blogging and SEO (Search engine optimization).

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