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Custom Screen Printing

To most, Screen Printed T-Shirts and apparel are cost-effective ways to Advertise a business, spread a message or show support for a cause.
At Benchmark, Screen Printing is so much more.  Its a passion, creative outlet and an opportunity to have an impact on the world around us.


Your personal brand is a promise to your clients…
a promise of quality, consistency,
competency  and reliability.

Our Passion Is Your Success

Website Design

Our Web Design Department has a strong background in Website building, Blog pages, Social Media, SEO (Search engine optimization) and e-commerce Design.  Out ranking your competition in the search engines has become one of the most valuable advertising strategies available.  We pride ourselves on your growth and success. 


Modern Website Design combines elements of Web Building, Social Media, Blogging and SEO (Search engine optimization). Benchmark has experience in multiple variations of online advertising and promotion making it possible to custom fit a program into whatever budget our clients make available. Customized Web Design packages along with precisely targeted SEO offers our clients the ability to not only stand out from the competition but expand their potential customer range. Blogging and Social Media when done properly are extremely effective and affordable. If you are the hands on DIY type Benchmark can even arrange training sessions allowing clients more control over their business and branding. Bottom line whether you need Web Design, Blog pages, SEO or a Social Media boost, Benchmark has the ability to create the Website you desire. 

Fully Responsive Web Design

Our Passion Is Your Success

Graphic Design

Tools used for Graphic Design

Graphic Design has many elements from advertisements, Logo Design, Screen Printing Design, signage, flyers and anything visual. A targeted design strategy along with eye grabbing visuals will result in priceless product recognition. 


A memorable visual image will boost your business or project by causing lasting product recognition.  At Benchmark we strive to create original and professional graphics for any occasion. 


Let Benchmark help with your graphics needs-

Logos and Branding, Publications, Printed advertisements, Posters and billboards, Website graphics , Product packaging, Memories, Gifts. 


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